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sathi akter
Aug 01, 2022
In General Discussions
Making him almost certain to be elected as the next US president, but even if he becomes president, the situation in front of him will be a difficult one to deal with. First of all, half of the people felt that his presidency was stolen, and a large number of people felt that at the age of 78, he could not finish the four-year presidency. And what's even worse is that the Democrats may not be able to win the majority of the Senate this time (Note), which means that the Republicans can boycott him for at least two years before the next midterm elections. Although Biden's presidential term lasts for four bulk sms service years, the controversy in the general election will be at least a while longer. Second, it is impossible for the Democratic Party to elect an 82-year-old presidential candidate in four years' time, so it is bound to be early. Open the primaries and leave Biden limping first. After the end, Biden doesn't really have much time. In addition to the chaotic U.S. political situation after the election controversy, Biden is also very difficult to deal with the epidemic, and his son is caught in a scandal. Many people believe that the Chinese government has unsightly photos of his son. In the future, Biden Adopting any more moderate China policy will attract ridicule and questioning, and the Republican-controlled Senate is more likely to block the relevant bill and accuse Biden of being a puppet of China. So it looks like Biden not only has less time left, he has less to do. If you follow the normal ruling model in the past, you are destined to have no political achievements. The final historical evaluation left is that Biden is a pro-China politician. He became the president of the United States in the election controversy, and his family members have a lot of scandals. But Biden is 78 years old. At this age, what he values ​​is not money or business interests, but the historical evaluation of the future. This is what he will work hard when he can really hold the real power of the president in the next three years or more.
That is to say, although the result of the voting is in favor of Biden in the end,  content media
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sathi akter

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