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Robinrobi Seo
Jun 19, 2022
In General Discussions
Hello classmates, I am Brother Chicken Soup, please believe that the world in the future will always be beautiful. Students in hardware R&D companies will often cooperate with different suppliers due to demand reasons, so what needs to be done after the suppliers category email list provide the corresponding products? The following is my work experience for reference only. It is analyzed from three dimensions: technical capability, supplier strength, and category email list cooperation content. 1. Technical dimension First: see whether the core functions of the chip meet the requirements, including. Whether the storage can meet business needs, including: RAM is random storage memory, ROM is read-only memory, embedded chips generally category email list see the built-in FLASH as shown below: The operation of the program needs to rely on memory, and different businesses may require different memory. For example, the memory required for voice and video playback in business category email list scenarios is larger than the memory for simply running business code. In face recognition and artificial intelligence devices, because there are many third-party SDKs, it is necessary to consider the size of the third-party SDK when considering memory. The external interface includes. GPIO UART Whether to support PWM control log output Power interface download port reset or reset button, etc. (Whether the interface meets business category email list requirements) For example: One of our products needs about 35 GPIO ports, which are completed by two chips. One category email list of the chips has been determined, and there are 21 GPIO ports. When choosing another chip, the B chip is suitable from the price to the technology. , but the B chip only supports 14 GPIO ports, so it cannot cooperate SDK solution and technical support: Is there any specific case and description for the method call description in the SDK? Whether the demo is open source and whether the demo program functions meet.
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Robinrobi Seo

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