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Omar Faruk
Jul 17, 2022
In General Discussions
ROI is infinite. It's not just about direct sales. You will have the opportunity to sell, you will have the opportunity to partner. But more importantly, you have a very valuable long-term relationship. It's more valuable than going to a meeting and getting lots of cards, right? Never know when someone in your network will help you solve a big problem, support you through business problems, or take someone into your life to become an employee or client. Hmm. Don't focus ghost mannequin effect service on financial ROI. Focus on bringing value to the group, not what you get from it. Check out other videos on entrepreneurship and marketing (like below) on the YouTube channel! Email Marketing and Chatbot Marketing: The Ultimate Showdown Published: 2020-12-19 Email has been working for decades. People send emails every day, making it the perfect channel to reach your customers. And I still work fine. The only problem is that it does n't work well year by year . Meanwhile, live chat and chatbots are gaining momentum. In fact, BigCommerce states that they are the future of e-commerce . 59% of millennials and 60% of Generation X have interacted with chatbots.
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Omar Faruk

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