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Apr 01, 2023
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Pro tip: Also consider where your audience is in the marketing funnel so you can match your content to their stage in the buyer journey. No. Step 1: Research Keywords Now is the time to do some deep research on keywords. Researching keywords related to your topic will help you create complete topic clusters and keyword clusters. The Keyword Tool can help you find keywords related to your main topic and analyze which keywords are trending and which have high search volume. Also look at long tail keywords, they are usually more targeted and easier to rank for. Also, look at the keywords your competitors are using to see if there industry email list are any keyword gaps. Step 4: Map Your Clusters Using your keywords, you need to map all relevant articles that will revolve around your main topic. We recommend using a spreadsheet for this step. Identify your hub segments and make sure your spoke articles cover relevant search intent. During this mapping phase, you should decide which articles can and should link to each other remembering that internal linking is the key to making topic clusters successful. Step 4: Create Content Now it's all about creating high-quality content for your character. You already have a ton of knowledge in your field, you just need to write it down using the right keywords and tone to match your character's intent. We recommend that the majority of your cluster consist of evergreen content. While writing about current events and past trends is fun, evergreen content stands the test of time and will be relevant to search queries long into the future, making it a sustainable content marketing strategy. As you write, there are a few things to keep in mind: Write for your audience: match your tone to your audience and search intent, use a readability checker to make sure you don't overcomplicate things. Focus on quality: Quality content is more than just avoiding spelling and grammar mistakes (make sure you avoid those!), your content needs to be useful, engaging, and authoritative.
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