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Apr 16, 2023
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If the West takes a stable sideline and allows democracy to weaken further, Oceania is our future. Our wood wonder new value. ONH has entered into a partnership with the Nobel Peace Center Oslo Nye Hyskole recently entered into a collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center. The collaboration means that our students can apply for an internship at the peace centre. The application round for the autumn semester is already underway and we hope to have one or more students in place by the autumn. Published in Internship Tuesday March, last updated Monday April, The Nobel Peace Center is the museum for the Nobel Peace Prize. Based on the history of the peace prize and the prize winners, the center offers exhibitions, communication and events, both physical and digital, to inspire and engage around visitors annually. The center was started in and has achieved international recognition for its exhibitions. The whatsapp mobile number list center has also developed into an important arena for social debate. We are very happy that our students now have the opportunity to work with such an important and inspiring workplace as the Nobel Peace Centre. The Peace Center is an important arena for promoting peace and understanding, and in that sense suits our studies very well. Head of Department for Political Science and International Relations, Torstein Dale kerlund Torstein Dale kerlund at Oslo New College Torstein Dale kerlund, head of department for the Department of Political Science and International Relations. Photo ONH Thomas Strmstad With its central location on Rdhusplassen, the center is a daily reminder for many of the importance of working for peace, human rights and conflict resolution. Students who get an internship at the peace center will participate actively in the center s activities over an entire semester. Internship is a unique offer for our bachelor s students that provides work relevant experience, new knowledge and the opportunity to make contacts in working life.
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