Custom Black 1957 Olympia SM4 Manual Typewriter Rare Senatorial Font

Custom Black 1957 Olympia SM4 Manual Typewriter Rare Senatorial Font

Up for sale is the beautiful Rare 1957 Olympia SM 4 Supermodel Manual Typewriter top of the line, fully reconditioned!

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All typewriters are available for layaway you pay what you want when you want for up to 6 months and can pay off anytime, no interest no fees just contact me. 

This typewriter has rare senatorial font also known as robot, cubic and techno. The machine is custom painted in a matte black in beautiful condition pairing with the maroon keys and chrome accents.
Its so small for a typewriter of that generation coming in at only 12x11x4 14lbs 
The “writer's typewriter” the mercedes benz the best machine you can buy! Ever since their introduction, Olympia SM models have been very closely tied to the fates and fingers of authors and writers. They're dependable, comfortable to use, and nice and solid in feel and function. This machine the most preferred writing tool for anyone prefers a manual and will serve for many years to come. With its appealing styling a beautiful chrome accents.
The Olympia SM 4 Supermodel is a unique blend of beauty, performance and reliability. 
This machine was fully reconditioned and works great. (you can read on that process below under about us-reconditioning most sellers do not do this or have the training to do so)
We have a large inventory of typewriter accessories like typewriter pads, dustcover, extra ribbons, vintage paper, correction paper, erasers and more that you can add to your order! Too see them all just check them out in the shop and add individually and you will see some select options at checkout. You will receive the user manual to your typewriter via PDF for free with purchase.
Most of our typewriters are custom made and are previewed on social media throughout the process so many will sell before ever being listed so follow us on Instagram @colombocollection or Facebook @ColomboCollectionShop to see what is coming soon!
About US- What is Restoration and Reconditioning?
All the typewriters available for sale at Colombo Collection have been professionally reconditioned and restored to ultimate functionality unless otherwise stated as serviced. You can read more on our about us page to understand the differences between serviced, refurbished, reconditioned and restored. Most sellers do not have the training or do not provide these services.
So how do we do it? 
First, we disassemble the typewriter including the body and the platen from the carriage.
Then the typewriter is put into an ultra-sonic cleaning tank to degrease the machine removing gunk, grime, oil, dirt you get the picture! Then the typewriter goes through a drying process.
Next all the pieces are reviewed for any damage or corrosion and are treated or replaced. Any repairs needed are made at this time. Keys and hammers are straightened, and their alignments corrected. Then all the metals are chemically cleaned and polished.
All rubber components are replaced. The platen’s is refurbished or replaced completely and the same for the feed rollers. 
The plastics are treated, repaired if needed including rubbing compounds to remove any scratches and resurface then polished. 
The exterior if left original is cleaned, treated, buffed and polished. If it’s a restored painted piece the body is cleaned, sanded, degreased, primed, painted with new paint then dried and polished. 
Then the typewriter is tested again its tested throughout the process then once that is complete the machine is reassembled. Then the typewriter goes through a lengthy Final Quality Assurance testing that is over 30 minutes of continuous typing then we double check alignment and all other functions on the typewriter and any final adjustments are made.
With a reconditioned typewriter from Colombo Collection you can rest assured that you have invested in a quality Typewriter that has been fully tested and restored to once again provide many years of reliable service!

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