1970 Royal Apollo GT Blue Reconditioned Electric Small Portable

1970 Royal Apollo GT Blue Reconditioned Electric Small Portable

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Reconditioned 1970's Two tone blue Royal Apollo 10 GT Compact Electric Small Portable Typewriter! Working Perfect! Snap on Case! 

1970’s Two tone Blue on Blue Original Apollo 12 GT Portable Electric Typewriter with case. 

Compact only 12x13x4.5 and weighs 13 lbs. 

Fully reconditioned (you can read on that process below under about us-reconditioning most sellers do not do this or have the training to do so see that process below)

I normally do manual typewriters but did alot of research on smaller compact electrics and this was a top pick with manual functions. 

The Royal Apollo GT is a compact electric typewriter even owned by the great typewriter enthusiast Tom Hanks! 

It has a manual carriage return lever rather than a press-of-a-button carriage return. You can also operate carriage shift and space bar when the power is off.

Just like driving a car with a manual transmission, a great deal of satisfaction and sense of control is to be had in “shifting” the carriage of a typewriter. 

This item will be packaged securely for shipping in its original case.

About US- What is reconditioning?

To truly appreciate the satisfaction of employing a typewriter, you must be operating a well-maintained machine. There is no comparison to be made between a typewriter that has been languishing in a basement for twenty years and a freshly lubricated, fully adjusted writing machine. 

All the typewriters available for sale at Colombo Collection have been professionally reconditioned to their optimal mechanical functionality. When necessary in most cases they are completely dunked, stripped, and reassembled. They are cleaned inside and out including polishing all metal and plastic to its original sheen. Keys and hammers are straightened, and their alignments corrected. Any repairs to components are made. Platens treated with rubber renew. 

All typewriters leave our care smelling fresh and clean with a new ribbon. We have the Manual for most typewriters you can email us and receive via PDF. We also sell replacement ribbons and can advise you on the one you need for your machine. 
With a reconditioned typewriter from Colombo Collection you can rest assured that you have invested in a quality restored Typewriter that has been fully tested and restored to factory ship condition to once again provide many years of reliable service for today's wordsmith.

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