The Olympia SM3 Manual Typewriter all about Olympia

“The finest writing machine money can buy, with all the advantages of portability... It’s built better - for life.”

Known as the Mercedes Benz of Typewriters Olympia is simply the best and my area of expertise! The “writer’s typewriter” ever since their introduction, Olympia SM models have been very closely tied to the fates and fingers of authors, writers, celebrities and highly sought after by collectors.

They’re dependable, comfortable to use and are solid in feel and function. With its appealing styling and beautiful chrome accents the Olympia SM 3 De Luxe is a unique blend of beauty, performance and reliability. The 50’s and 60’s are known to be the decades that typewriters had the best functionality and the Olympia exceeds those expectations a engineering marvel.

The Olympia is so small for a typewriter of that generation coming in at only 11”x10”x3” and weighing 14 lbs so you get the action of a workhorse with great portability.

This machine is the most preferred writing tool for anyone prefers a manual typewriter!

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